Whey Protein Chocolate


Cold pressed ultra filtered for better absorption.
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VITAFIT Whey Protein Chocolate

  • VitaFit Whey Chocolate Protein Isolate contains protein sources with the highest biological values available, making it easy to digest, mix and absorb in the body.
  • This advanced, athlete-focused formula is loaded with micro-filtered whey proteins, and 25g of fast-absorbing bcaas.
  • VitaFit Whey Chocolate Protein Isolate is used by the best athletes in the world to help them recover faster from intense training.


Using ultra-pure whey protein isolates provides your muscles with the fuel they need to get bigger and stronger.

It’s undergone powerful microfiltration to remove the things you don’t want and retain higher concentrations of the things your body needs, like muscle-building amino acids.

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