Advanced Muscle Recovery Amino Acids


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Advanced Muscle Recovery Amino Acids™ is a combination of slow, medium, and fast-digesting proteins.

Our supplement is the next generation in recovery and sleep enhancement supplementation.

Advanced Muscle Recovery Amino Acid is taken 20 minutes before bed to promote deep and restful sleep.

The combination of Advanced Muscle Recovery Amino Acids™ will rejuvenate and prepare your body for the next intense training session.

Aids in recovery and repair of fatigued muscles after exercise and helps the body endure more demanding workloads before the onset of fatigue.

To enhance the benefit of your body’s natural processes, Advanced Muscle Recovery Amino Acid incorporates a unique combination of adaptogens and other nutrients which allow your body to more effectively respond to the demands of physical activity.*

While other products provide pre-workout support and post-workout recovery, our supplement provides enhanced support for muscle growth and muscle repair while you sleep.*

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